Sunday, October 4, 2009

Life on the {Scrap} Beach - Virtual Crop 10/03/09

I finished all the challenges for the TWS Virtual Crop. As usual, I thought the challenges just couldn't prove to be pages I could use. But, once again I was wrong. Loved all the pages. Virtual Crop challenges always make me think outside my creative box. I love it. View and enjoy. I enjoyed making these pages. I'll be making another mini using them. First, I need to finish the minis I created from the last Virtual Crop pages and make a vid. (almost there) Second, I need to make a trade mini for Sandra. Already have done mental R & D. Third, put pix in the trade album I received from Lisa and make a vid. (Wow, already know what pix I'm going to use.) Guess for now that's my "laundry" list. So much scrapping to do - so little time.

Live long & prosper,

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