Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Baby - All Is Well

Our new baby, Austin Roberto, was born 4/11/09. He came home 4/12/09. We all had so much fund welcoming him home. Big Bro Dylan wasn't quite so excited as the rest of us. He's feeling much better about his baby now that his routine has returned. He is interacting very positively with the baby now. Geoffrey and J are signing the lease for their house today. They'll be moving over the weekend. Alan will be able to finished the remodeling of the lower level in pretty short order. The needed repairs from the flood damage really have been a blessing in disguise. I am making Austin's first scrapbook. It'll be much like Dylan's; but, I'm making a "Wire and Bead" bound book. The scrapbooks I'm making for Izzie are 8.5 by 11. All is good in the world. Until next time, tata for now.
Live long and prosper,