Friday, June 11, 2010

Mini Trade Album for Izzabella in the UK

It took me much longer to complete this trade mini than I anticipated. I never intended for this mini to be quite so chunky; but, once I got started it just evolved that way. Wow, I love the finished album. I have thought of a number of ways Izzabella might choose to utilized this mini. I hope she likes it. She was soooo patient when I told her I was going to miss the deadline of May 25. I just can't send out a mini that's not pleasing to me because of a deadline.

My life is just too complicated now for me to have projects that have a time table.
I have a couple of projects on the table that need my attention right away, now that Izzabella's mini is finished.

Velma, your die cuts will be coming, I promise. Tiffany, I will complete the covers/pages and get them to you before July 1.

Live long & prosper,

By the way, when you watch the vids, keep in mind I do know the difference between embellish and emboss. My mind was on slow speed. It was ever so late when I made the video.