Wednesday, December 30, 2009

GGS October Trade Mini Album

I've been ever so late getting this mini completed. I'm generally not soooo behind with my projects. But, I did go on vacation for a week and then we have the holiday and all the prep that goes with that. So now I'm trying to get caught up with my projects.

This mini was inspired and influenced by many of my wonderful scrapping' sistahs. It never would have come to life without them. Each project becomes the perpetuation of the techniques and ideas each of our sistahs share with us. I could spend all my waking hours in the Craft Cave with my projects. I feel such a wonderful sense of satisfaction when a project is done and on its way to its new home.

I always think of the buttons from my mother's button box on each project as I send them far and wide. A little piece of my family's history is tucked inside each project. How wonderfully terrific is that. I know the essence of my mother influences each project as I add her buttons. I love making the tags and thinking that perhaps the tags will stay with the mini or that the new owner will use them on another project. I know that as each individual makes the mini "her own", with pictures and journal entries, the beauty of the album increase exponentially.

I hope you enjoy viewing this mini. TTFN

Live long & prosper,



Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

Christmas morning has opened with lots of smiles and laughter. The Perfect Princes Dylan and Austin have opened their gifts, we've had a marvelous family breakfast and now I'll cook Christmas dinner. Tomorrow the rest of our children and grandchildren will be joining us for more celebration. Christmas Eve we celebrated with Jim's mom and Gene. We are blessed to still have them with us. They continue to weather the storms of ill health so very well. What a great holiday we share. We are blessed to share the love and warmth of family. This Christmas we have it all.

I've been a bit retrospective this year. I've been thinking of the strength we have been given through our friends at this time in years past:
the Christmas we celebrated at home when Scott and Autumn so bravely served our country in Iraq and were unable to be with us, our friends helped alleviate our concerns by keeping us on a positive track -
the Christmas season Jim's mom was diagnosed with cancer and helped us adjust to her cancer by sharing her upbeat and positive attitude -
the Christmas Day my father succumbed to cancer and passed away, our friends and family carried us beyond our sorrow and into the blessings of Christmas.

What a wonder it is to have family and friends to give you strength, to share the delicious times and to uplift you in the difficult times. I only hope that I can give as much to others as they have given to me.

This year I have been blessed to have new friendships change my life - my sistahs from the {Scrap} Beach. What a wonder it is to have found these caring, giving women. So many women who live by the philosphy to "Pay it forward". I thank you all for being a positive changing force in my life. In the coming year, it is my hope to follow in your example and "Pay it forward".

Live long & prosper,

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Projects - unfinished

Wow, what a busy time of the year. I've decided it takes me way longer to finish creating my trade minis than the normal scrappin' sistah. I'm finishing up my trade mini for Ashton in OK. I've been working on it for about a month, sheesh. I have to complete the front & back covers and binding. Then I'll do a vid. I love how this mini evolved.
I used so much from others in this mini. The idea for using pix of vintage seed packets from Kathryn, the fantastic flower technique and Tattered Angel Gimmer Mists from Velma, flourishes sent to me by Roseanne, envelope pocket designs by Marion, Laura and Samantha, fibers from the TWS fiber swap, etc. I never could make a mini if it weren't for the generosity of others in sharing techniques, ideas and products. I love working on my projects; but, this time of the year it seems as though time is much too short. I had hoped to get it in the mail before this week; but, alas alack it didn't happen.
I have so many other projects to start/finish. Tags for Roseanne, Joyce & Steff, a very special mini for Velma, laces to Karina, a mini album for a give-away at the February {Scrap} Beach Virtual Crop and the list continues. I'm not going to sign up for any mini trades for a bit until I finish the honorariums I want to share with others. I absolutely love to have projects "in the hopper" and find myself thinking after I've gone to bed just how I'll be puttling them together. My mind just works faster than my hands.
Alita Long won the November {Scrap} Beach Virtual Crop give away. She sent the most gracious acknowledgment and thank you. It touched my heart to know that she will treasure this mini as a part of her personal collection. Time to go into the Craft Cave to work on my projects - what great fun.
Live long & prosper,