Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not Really MIA

I've not had much time in the Craft Cave and no time to post to my blog. I've taken a leave of absence from my job to care for my mother-in-law and her husband (an Alzheimer's patient) 24/7. Gene and Irene don't have a computer and I can only access the internet when I'm home. I'm only home for short periods on occasion when someone can stay with Irene.

Irene remains the strong beautiful woman she has always been. Our hospice team is absolutely wonderful. Irene tells each and every nurse and aide how much she appreciates their presence at this time in her life. Our last trip out and about was Friday, two weeks ago, and we had manicures and pedicures and "did" lunch. What a fun afternoon that was. We laughed and enjoyed this last adventure.

My goal is to keep Gene and Irene together until her passing. Gene's Alzheimer's produces good days and difficult days; but, I'm able to "keep him on track" enough to stay a part of Irene's life. She is able to be out of bed only for short periods of time; but, is experiencing little pain. The nurses have only administered morphine on three occasions.

Irene often reflects on the magnificient care she received from her oncology team at the Simon Center and the quality time their care has given her. Irene remains one of the most gracious individuals ever.

I'll be back crafting, and making vids as soon as possible. Miss my scrappin' sistahs.
Live long & prosper,