Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life on the {Scrap} Beach - September Virtual Crop - Vids

Woo hoo - I finally finished the vids of my minis with the September Virtual Crops Challenge Pages. I created these mini's with the thought of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" / "Words of Wisdom for Life" kind of theme.

Several things were different for these minis. The kit I used to create this album was a Girls Gone Scrappy kit I purchased and the pages were 4 x 6. The minis were going to be 6 x 6 pages. I added solid color paper to each page to make them 6 x 6. I wanted to use both sides of the double sided paper; so, I didn't mount the pages on chipboard. I did plan to mount the front & back covers and their inside pages on chipboard.

Originally, this was going to be one mini. When I started adding the pix the mini got chunkier and chunkier. Had to go to two minis. I already had my front & back covers made. I had not mounted the front & back covers or their inside pages.

I had to create new front and back covers for the second mini. As each of the facing pages had relating themes,I also needed to make an additional inside page for the back cover on the first album and an additional inside page for the front cover of the second album.

Going to my photo archive, the titles for these pages immediately jumped at me. So, the first mini closed with the page - "End Each Day With a Kiss". The second mini opened with - "Start Each Day With a Hug". I think maybe those are my favorite pages.

Hope you enjoy my Challenge Minis

Live long & prosper,







  1. WEEZIE!! AMAZING.. my chin hurts from falling onto my table over and over!! :) ta-hee.. I've watched all these amazing videos and have left comments on youtube!! BUT I HAVE TO TELL YOU.. THANK YOU SOO MUCH... YOU HAVE GIVEN ME SO MUCH INSPIRATION AND IDEAS!!
    with a big ol' silly grin,

  2. Wow, Weezie you are unbelievably talented...and how creative to bring all of the challenge pages into 2 beautiful minis to share!!
    definately food for thought!!

    thanks so much for sharing ♥

  3. Wonderful work Weezie, OMG!!!! U Really need to be closer, so you can do classes on your mini's.
    Really wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing with us.
    CraftyAz Shac