Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Virtual TWS Celebration Crop

I participated in my very first virtual crop. Wow, did I have fun or what. Finished all twelve challenges. Won a prize. Life is good.

Found out after the end of the challenges, that the #12 challenge was beyond my mortal understanding. I did my page; but, not according to the recipe furnished. Whoa is me. I'll be making another page for #12 challenge. Even though the time is "up". I want to get it right. I'll be posting a pix of the "right" and "wrong" along with the recipe. Maybe I'm really just seeking some approval????? Gonna go start working on that #12 Challenge. I'll be making a mini album with all the pages of the challenges. It should look pretty cool. I already have many of the pix choosen for the album. TTFN.

Live long & prosper,

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  1. HI JUST STOPPING BY!! I'M FEELING BETTER!! :) so I"m blog hopping !!
    I have to tell you.. I love being in your WEEZIE scrappy world!! thanks for the inspiration WEEZIE.. YOUR AMAZING :)
    with a grin,