Monday, July 6, 2009

I completed my GGS July Mini to trade. Made a video and I'm trying to upload it to YouTube. It seems to be taking quite some time to load. I love my finished mini and hope my GGS Sistah will love it too. As soon as, I know I actually have the video on YouTube, I'll be posting it to Hope Simpson. Had a wonderful weekend celebrating my grandsons first birthday (July 3) . Our youngest son had his 23rd birthday on Sunday. With the Fourth of July in the middle, we had quite a good time. Gotta love the fireworks Independence Day brings. Ok, so now I'll try and post my video to my blog and see what that brings. Tata for now.
Live long & prosper,

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  1. HI Weezie! Did you get your video uploaded? whats the youtube link :) so excited to see it !!

    with a grin,