Saturday, August 29, 2009

Breast Cancer Silent Auction Mini

Here's my YouTube video of my mini. I delivered it tonite to the Silent Auction Committee. We'll see how much it brings.


Live long & prosper,


  1. WOW, Weezie!! This is soooo awesome!! Gorgeous job! I hope it brings in tons! I have a close friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer, so your efforts are greatly appreciated.
    Laura Denison

  2. Hi,
    What a brilliant Job,and it all fits into the cigar box, really neat to see t is helping a great cause. Love it, really enjoy your work, thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Ah Weezie! This is such a tremendous accomplishment!
    Kudos to you! What a sweet and special was to serve and help go to the cause. And as always... Beautiful! I would love to get my hands on your mother's button box.. hee hee!!! Wanna auction that to? OK, just thought I'd try! My great grandmother had one... and before I could claim it, it got sent to good will. - Joyce