Thursday, August 27, 2009

Breast Cancer Silent Auction Mini

I've completed all the pages for the mini. I need to bind it and add the closure. I also need to alter the cigar box that will house the mini. I took some still pictures of the individual pages and cigar box. I'll be trying a new binding method and will post a video after I've bound the mini and finished the cigar box. I like the way the completed pages look and flow.

Live long & prosper, Weezie


  1. Such beautiful work!!
    it is bound to raise a lot of money at the silent auction.
    Good Luck to you and the wonderful cause you are working for.

  2. OH WEEZIE!! :) Its beautiful!! I'm sure your very pleased with it!! its SUPER CUTE! I MEAN SUPER CUTE!! VERY PRETTY AND i love all the tags.. and details.. I LOV LOVE THE PAPERS!! HEEH
    with a grin,