Monday, June 15, 2009

I am absolutely so pumped about GGS. Can't wait for my first kit from Marion. I have visited all the blogs for which I have addresses. You GGS gals are creative beyond belief. I will be learning your techniques, styles and casing your work. I hope to post some more of my projects on my blog. I've never made a video; but, I'll have to take care of that in short order. Kinda of funny really, when you review the videos, the identifiers for each individual are hands and voices.
Live long & prosper,


  1. WELCOME TO GGS CLUB WEEZIE!! So thrilled to have you join.. can't wait to get to know you!!
    with a grin,

  2. Welcome to GGS! Your work is awesome, it's right up my alley! Beautiful blog too!

  3. Welcome to GGS Weezie!!! Someday I will brave it past the hands and voice thing. For now, I am still pretty much a newbie and trying to get tech educated with blogs and videos!

  4. Hi Weezie :) you did great job on your crafts...can't wait to see the rest. have fun!