Sunday, May 23, 2010

Slings & Arrows

The past several days have been lackluster, to say the least. My MIL (battling stage 4 ovarian cancer) had two very difficult days - Thursday and Friday - two doctors appointments, an infusion and an MRI. Ok - so Friday ended. We move to Saturday morning. My computer crashed. All my hardware was ok; but, some of my Windows XP files were corrupt and I couldn't open Windows. I performed the recommended diagnostics, called HP Tech Support (terrible result). My machine was out of waranty and I could choose either $99.95 (one year) or 49.95 (fourteen days) of tech support. If my problem didn't get resolved, they got to keep my money and I was exactly where I started. Upon my protest, the CSR advised I could log in with another PC and chat live. My Darling DIL lent me her itty, bitty laptop and I was off to the races only to find out that the only option left to me was to perform system recovery and loose all my data. Totally unacceptable.
My Dearest Son-in-Law (Tech Support to IUPUI Medical Center, St Vincent Group) to the rescue. A simple call and he advises he would travel to our house, I could purchase Windows 7, another hard drive, he would install all, no data would be lost and all would be well.
Now I have to recover all my "Favorites" - one site at a time.Time consuming; but, possible. I am working on a swap mini for Izzabel in UK and will miss my deadline. Never, never have I missed a deadline before - very troublesome. I hope to be only a few days late with my post of her mini.
We live to fight another day. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger. Platitudes for today. Well TTFN (Tata For Now)
Live long & prosper,


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your MIL. As if that wasn't enough, it's everything all at once. It's very discouraging! I'm glad you had a few different routes to find help with your computer, and that you can recover your stuff. Love your attitude--some stumbling stones can be stepping stones.

  2. Weesie you have so much going on!! but im glad things are looking up! :)cant wait to see your mini!!

  3. as you say anita what does not kill makes you stronger!Glad your pc is sorted out. want to wish you well and sending you hugs and positive energy from zeffyxx

  4. Prayers for your MIL and for you. Caretaking is very difficult - I could write a book!

    Oooooh those computers. I just went thru something similar and hate that I'm so tied to it. Oh well, as with son to the rescue and a new monitor (surprise gift) and more RAM. Gee I remember when my electric typewriter was just the tops in technology!

    Thanks for your are appreciated!

  5. sorry to hear that you had a bad week remember you have my # call anytime I am a hope skip and a JUMP away.

  6. When you make your bead amd wire binding, do you cut the "indents" for the beads by hand? or do you use a punch of some kind?

  7. So sorry to hear of your problems Weezie. On the Favorites issue, you can copy the whole Favorites folder to a disk. Or if you use Firefox you can export your Bookmarks. My heart and prayers go out to you.

  8. With all that you have going on your strength must just glow from you. I understand about those darn computer problems and am so glad your are fixed without too much problems. I would love to hear how you like Windows 7 when you have time.

  9. Hi Anita,
    My Aroha, and Prayers are with you and MIL, and all your whanau (family), yeas you are super woman, and yes you will make it through as a stronger person than yesterday, we are all here for you and and think of you daily, give MIL a BIG HUGE HUG from my whanau over here in NZ. Im VERY sure your swap partner would be VERY understanding.
    Arohanui my friend
    XOX :-)

  10. Dear Weezie, you don't know me. I just found your blog and you tube channel today. I am so sorry for the struggles you are going through but so happy that you are giving us so much of yourself with your creativity and lovely spirit. Your work is amazing and I hope your computer is fixed soon. I'll be watching all your videos today. It's raining here in New Hampshire. If you ever need any Maple Syrup, let me know. I also love the beach and have a beach house in Manomet, MA. TTFN.