Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've finished the Virtual Crop Mini and will be finishing up the altered box today. It is a tradition of mine, to add buttons from my mother's button box to my projects. I was looking for buttons to add to the altered box and a tremendous feeling of nostalgia hit me. As I look through the mass of buttons my mother saved, I always get the feeling she's watching as I "discover" the beauty in her individual buttons. There are so many, that I constantly find another one with a neat, unique shape, interesting dimension or distinctive color. As I look at my finished projects, I feel fortunate to have this treasure to add and a deep sense of pride. Using these buttons brings warm memories of my childhood when, as my mother sewed and repaired our clothing, I would sit on the floor next to her and look through this button box. As I send off my projects, I think of the visual pleasure adding these buttons brings. I think, in my way, I'm paying honor to my mother for giving me her love and sacrificing for our family.I hope others have an appreciation of the "history" of the buttons on my projects.
Live long & prosper,


  1. Weezie! :) Thank you for sharing this post... I love how you've used your 'Mother's Buttons' on your minis!! Weezie.. you capture the true meaning behind this handmade treasures when you incorporate items that are important and meaningful to you! Thank you for inspiring me to look into my 'little box' of meaning memories:) God Bless!
    with a grateful grin,

  2. Your comments bring a tear and a memory.
    warmly, Olive

  3. Weezie its the first time I see your special minis...they are precious.As for going through button boxes I did so too as a child i loved my god-mothers button box so much so that i asked for it when she passed away.
    loved your work ...God bless